„Němečtí Židé“ v Československu v letech 1945-1948

Magdalena Sedlická

In: HOP/HISTORIE – OTÁZKY – PROBLÉMY. My, jiní, naši a cizí. Národní identity a veřejný prostor ve střední Evropě, 1/2016, 120–131

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The article is concerned with the legal status and general circumstances of the so-called ‘German Jews’ of Czechoslovakia from 1945 to 1948. It focuses on Jewish survivors of the Shoah, who had declared German ethnicity (národnost) in the 1930 Czechoslovak census. After the Liberation, not all the Jews of pre-war Czechoslovakia were allowed to claim Czechoslovak citizenship, particularly those Czechoslovak Jews who had declared German ethnicity or whose mother tongue was German. The author discusses their efforts to regain Czechoslovak citizenship, and also examines their post-war concerns with being expelled from Czechoslovakia. She also looks at the Jewish representatives’ work to protect and help these ‘German’ Jews.

„Němečtí Židé“ v Československu v letech 1945-1948