Genocide, Postwar Migration, and Social Mobility: Entangled Experiences of Roma and Jews

Excellence Project, Czech Science Foundation, grant no. 19-26638X

2019–23 This research project takes advantage of the intersection of Jewish and Romani studies, Holocaust and genocide studies, and scholarship on migration and social mobility. The aim of the researchers involved in...


Zionists on Trial? The Slánský Affair and the Dynamics of Czechoslovak Stalinism

American Council of Learned Societies Collaborative Research Fellowship of 2018

In 1952 the Czechoslovak Communist regime sentenced eleven men to death and three more to life in prison. All, including General-Secretary Rudolf Slánský, were high-ranking Communist officials. All but three were Jews.


The Inclusion of the Jewish Population into Postwar Czechoslovakia and Poland

Research Project Funded by Science Foundation of the Czech Republic (16-01775Y)

Until recently, the writing of the postwar history of the Jews of Poland and Czechoslovakia was often burdened with ideological interpretations which reflected the political persuasions of their authors. This is understandable...


Prague and Beyond: Jews in the Bohemian Lands

Book Project Funded by Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Germany (

Over the past two decades Jewish history and culture have generated a considerable amount of interest not only among historians of the Bohemian Lands (the territory of today’s Czech Republic), but also in Czech media, public...


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