Upcoming Colloquia on Modern Jewish History

Organized by Institute of Contemporary History (Czech Academy of Sciences), CEFRES in Prague, Masaryk Institute and Archives (Czech Academy of Sciences) and in partnership with the Jewish Museum in Prague

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The colloquia are intended to provide a platform for academic discussion about the latest research on Jewish history especially of the last three centuries. Though primarily focused on the Jews of central and east central Europe, the colloquia also include topics related to the Jews of other regions. The colloquia will be further enriched by including topics not directly concerned with Jews, but enabling one to see Jewish history from other perspectives (for instance, the perspective of other ʻminoritiesʼ).

Despite our preference for the methods of historical research, the organizers welcome multidisciplinary approaches to the topics, including those of sociology, political science, religious studies, and art history.

Among the people leading the colloquia are scholars from institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, senior scholars as well as PhD students.

The colloquia are held in the library of CEFRES, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1 always at 5 p.m. The language of the colloquia is English. The colloquia are organized by Kateřina Čapková (capkova@usd.cas.cz) and Michal Frankl (michal.frankl@gmail.com).

The colloquia are held in the library of CEFRES, Na Florenci 3, Prague 1.